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Product Code: FS-ST-044

LS1 Commodore fuel system. Gen 3 Fuel system.
This LS1 fuel system is designed so anyone can install it. Utilizing a Bosch 044 pump and Turbosmart regulator, the tank bolts up to existing holes on the chassis rail and requires no extra holes drilled for mounting or no fittings to be made up to adapt to existing fuel feed/return lines. This GEN 3 FUEL SYSTEM is designed to adapt to VT-VZ Commodore sedans with Gen3 or LS1 engines.

This kit is the easiest and most cost effective solution to those wishing to upgrade to a 400rwkw capable Commodore fuel system. There is no other system out there which can be bolted up to existing fuel hoses/fittings and can be installed with the ease that our kit can.

We include full installation instructions with photos to assist with every step. As mentioned, the kit comes with a mounting base which bolts up to existing holes in the chassis rail and snap lock fittings so there are no nasty surprises when buying this system

Parts included in this system are:

  • Custom fabricated 4.7L surge tank with integrated mounting plate
  • Turbosmart 1200hp adjustable boost referenced regulator
  • Bosch 044 fuel pump
  • Quality Speedflow fittings
  • Quick release OEM style fittings and hoses to suit
  • Mounting bolts/nuts
  • Full instructions for DIY individuals

Quote from the LS1 forum:
"I got to see these first-hand the other day and the workmanship is second to none."

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