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Product Code: LSXT600
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HPC coating

ECOTEC V6 turbo kit. ASE has created the T-600 Stealth Single Turbo Kit to suit the VT to VZ range of V6 ECOTEC Commodores. The ECOTEC V6 turbo kit includes a custom made manifold and crossover pipe which are both fabricated from high temperature steam pipe. Utilising a Garrett GT3582 turbo. Aimed as an affordable kit, the T-600 ECOTEC V6 turbo kit uses the finest quality parts including Garrett turbo and a Turbosmart 38mm wastegate. All intercooler piping, manifolds and the header tank are manufactured in-house at ASE.
Black powder coating is included as standard on the kit. This covers all intercooler piping, header tank, manifold and crossover, dump pipe and air intake pipe to give the best longevity and also to deliver the ultimate stealth look.
This kit is capable of high 11s low 12s depending on configuration.
Supplied with fitting instructions, the kit is very easy to install as it has been designed to bolt straight onto your Ecotec V6 Commodore, no cutting required.

There is an option to coat all the hot parts (manifold, crossover pipe, dump pipe and turbo turbine housing) in HPC coating for an extra $770.

The following parts are included in the kit:

  • Garrett GT3582 ball bearing turbo
  • Manifold and crossover pipes
  • Turbosmart/Tial 38mm Wastegate
  • 600x300x75 core size, intercooler
  • 2.5" inch intercooler piping and silicone joiners and hose clamps
  • Oil drain kit including turbo feed lines
  • 3'' dump pipe
  • K&N pod air filter & cold air intake

Quote from the LS1 forum:
"Good to see someone finally offering these in a bolt on setup. Big thumbs up."

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